A Powerful Voice

My goal, whether I am giving a workshop or coaching one-on-one is to teach tools and techniques that empower you with the three C's: Confidence, Control, and Connection. I want you to always be speaking to eager, engaged listeners who are anxious to hear what you have to say, whether you are in the virtual world or in person.

Everyone struggles with different pain points: anxiety, pressure of being perfect, freezing, rambling, fear of being boring, and so on..  Through my work as an actress, I understand 'stage fright'.  I have developed and honed skills that I teach in my workshops and one-on-on coaching sessions that tackle these challenges, and I tailor them to you or your team's needs. 


**Covid-19 Update:  The virtual world is the new normal.  However, it's not everyone's comfort zone.  Achieving a feeling of confidence and connection is paramount given our circumstances.  All of us are striving to adjust and adapt as quickly as possible. I am now offering virtual workshops that focus on how to make connections, have engaged listeners, how to build trusting relationships and create community, in the virtual 

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The workshop is useful for *every* online meeting.  What speaker doesn't prefer an interactive audience? 


What does it take to have an eager and engaged audience? 

Whether you are in person or online, giving a presentation or conducting a class, it is important that you come across like you are at ease and in control, all at the same time.  Taking your focus off of yourself is key when you are in front of an audience, and that is rule number #1 for success Blog: It's Got Nothing to do with You.  Once you learn to put your focus in the right place, we will move on to other vital skills that help build trusting relationships and create community.  These will serve you, both in the virtual world and in person.  

With me, you will learn how to: 

  • Use your emotions as connectors 

  • Employ vocal dynamics and tonality that will support your emotions and help you powerfully reach your audience

  • Become active listeners: Let your audience, students, or colleagues feel heard and valued

  • Get physical, adding a modality enriches the experience as a whole

My Approach


My approach is derived from my years of being an actor.  Every actor strives to understand the message they are giving, both mentally and emotionally so they can deliver their message to better reach, affect and influence their audience.  It is paramount to feel confident and in control when you are presenting or teaching, so that you remain open to the connections waiting for you.  All my workshops and one-one-one coaching sessions are designed to be interactive, challenging and fun!  

" In this age of constant virtual meetings, it's more important than ever to be as effective and convincing as we can be in the virtual world.  Annie certainly helped us to close that gap.  I would recommend this course to anyone, it would be highly beneficial to anyone wishing to take their online presentation skills to the next level. " 

Trever Brene: Regional Sales Manager, Draeger

What people are saying..

"I learned more from you in one session that I did in all the sessions from the coach my company hired for me."

Client at Oppenheimer Funds

Sound like you? 

"I don't know how to engage a virtual audience, how do you keep their attention? "

" Annie's workshop on virtual communication was eye opening for me and the skills I learned there will absolutely translate to real life situations when the pandemic is over.  I loved the interactive aspect of the program and kept writing exclamation points next to the insights I took away.  Annie is lively, warm and a terrific, relatable presenter."

Kristine Puopolo: VP, Editorial director, Non fiction. Doubleday Penguin Random house

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Let's get started 917-405-4911.  Annie@APowerfulvoice.net