Do you ever get nervous or uncertain:

  • Speaking to an audience, large or small?

  • Trying to connect to your virtual audience?

  • Voicing your thoughts in a meeting? 


Discover new and effective ways to connect with and win over your audience.

Learn new techniques and  

strategies so you are never boring!

Become the confident speaker you've always wanted to be.

Sound like you? 

"I have trouble speaking in groups both large and small , Sometimes I freeze."

Annie is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend her!

I learned from Annie that having a powerful voice is a combination of many things including breathing, sentence structuring and the “monologue in your head” before you even enter a room. In addition to teaching me communication and presentation techniques, Annie's coaching gave me much more confidence in all types of communications including one-on-one interviews, presenting to a large audience and even on phone conferences.”                                                                Stephen Rutenberg. Shareholder at Polsinelli

Start coaching today.  917-405-4911

How do you walk into a room without being nervous? What's it like to feel confident at ease and fearless when speaking in front of others? 
Together we will work on those first moments, walking in the room and realizing it's not about you at all. 

Why do so many of us struggle with speaking in front of other people? Most likely we are focusing on the wrong things! Our work together will reveal the many ways in which you can rethink your approach and use your voice to effectively connect with people, access their feelings and influence their thinking. 

What makes a successful

speaker? Someone you look forward to listening to? Together we will put into practice different techniques, tools and tricks that will teach you how to connect your thoughts and feelings to your voice. You will communicate in ways you've never imagined! 

 "I learned more from you in one session that I did in all the sessions from the coach my company hired for me." 

Client at Oppenheimer Funds

My clients, and client who work for: 

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