A Powerful Voice 5 pack

This 5 pack of coaching session is designed to fully prepare you for an upcoming public speech, a high-visibility presentation or participating in an important meeting. Here's a breakdown of what we do: 

  • Session #1 - Assessment- Together we assess your strengths and challenges, digging in, gathering information while identifying the specific needs for future upcoming events.  Begin exercises about the body and breathing and how they effect your voice.

  • Session #2, #3 - Skill-Building and application - We study and practice a customized set of skills designed to fortify your performance.  Practicing all the while with my guidance.​

  • Session #4, #5 - Putting it All Together - Whether you are rehearsing for a specific event or honing skills, this will be a 'game day' experience, followed by an individual action plan.  

"Thanks so much for the coaching and for challenging me.  I am grateful that you do what you do!  Thanks again!  Thank you for the encouragement." 

Dr. Haewon Lee, MD- Physical medicine and rehabilitation, UC San Diego Health