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Coaching One-on-One

We all have our challenges when speaking in front of a group, large or small. One-on-one coaching targets your specific pain points.  We practice different exercises to strengthen your areas of weakness. We do this by:

  • Learning new skills to help you gain confidence.

  • Practicing new exercises to make you feel in control when speaking.  

  • Understanding what it means to have a 'high presence' and how to achieve that goal  

  • Learning new techniques to help you connect better to your listener

One-on-one coaching can be used to target a specific, upcoming presentation or speaking engagement. Or it can be used to work on skills to make you feel confident, in control and connected, so you are ready when that next opportunity to speak comes up. 

"Annie!  Thank you so much for coaching and for challenging me. I am grateful that you do what you do."      Dr. Jenn Lee

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