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Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

Having a cohesive and thriving work environment is vital for success.

Creating a workplace where everyone feels safe and productive, a place where community is formed and relationships are built is paramount to accomplishing that success. Unfortunately many workplaces fall short in this capacity and employees feel uncomfortable, less safe, and do not thrive.  

This practical and fully participatory workshop teaches step-by-step techniques on how to set boundaries.  These techniques are rehearsed in group work and in breakout rooms.  Questions are encouraged, as situations in each environment may be different. Participants also learn the value of vocal dynamics, how to effectively connect your feelings to your words for a more valuable impact, how to be an active listener, and much more.  

"It helped me know how to relate to other people in regards to how they speak to you. " 

"Very helpful in this time where communication techniques need to be modified and adapted to special circumstances."

"I would recommend this workshop." 

Participants from Einstein School of Medicine workshop

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