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A Powerful Voice

A Powerful Voice Workshop tackles the challenges of standing in front of others and speaking with the three 'C's': 

    Control                   Confidence               Connection   

It's hard to keep an audience engaged!  How do you re-engage them when you feel like you've lost them?  If you have the whole stage, how do you use it to your advantage?  We also tackle the basics. In this workshop we learn how to:

  • Add emotions to better connect with our listeners

  • Use vocal dynamics and tonality to make sure our listeners are picking up the important words and ideas that are put . 

  • Understand and implement active listening

  • Use your body and voice to help your audience process and follow your thoughts

This interactive workshop has everyone practicing throughout.  These newly acquired skills can be immediately implemented. 

"The techniques I learned from Annie's class is more nuanced than a standard public speaking class; it is about effectively vocalizing your story and being heard. Further, a main reason why the class is so valuable, is Annie herself; she is a very engaging, energetic and dedicated teacher."

Susmita De. Director, Slalom Consulting 

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