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A Powerful Connection in the Virtual Education World

Covid 19 changed the way kids learn. So many kids were learning on zoom and it was a big challenge!  I created this workshop to support teachers and all educators who are tasked with keeping their students engaged and excited about learning. Some of the things we go over in this workshop:

  • How to make teaching physical, both for teachers and students

  • Active listening and how to apply it in the classroom

  • Incorporating vocal dynamics and feelings to keep kids engaged

My goal is for teachers to thrive in any environment, especially the virtual one! 

"Annie is a masterful coach and accomplished actress.  She helps clients leverage their voice, facial expression and body language to establish trust and a strong sense of community in the virtual world.  In just one session I have vastly improved my ability to keep middle school students engaged in daily social emotional learning."  

Barbara Hockstader, Learning Solutions Designer

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