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A Powerful Voice in the Virtual World

Covid 19 has relocated all of us into the virtual world. Even though some are going back into the office, the virtual option is here to stay. To excel in this medium, we must learn new skills that tackle the challenges that come with that territory: 

  • How do I hold my audiences attention? 

  • How can I connect with them when we are not in the room together? 

  • How can I build trust and create relationships online?

  • How do I make eye contact? 

This experiential workshop session will enable you to learn and practice a host of new skills that you will be able to immediately apply the next tine you log on to a virtual meeting or host a virtual presentation.  You will learn to:

  • Use your emotions, voice and body language to increase the power and impact of your communications.

  • Be more in tune with your own feelings to optimize their influence on others. 

  • Listen more deliberately, with interest, empathy, and curiosity

  • Connect more fully with individuals and groups, despite the physical distance, so that relationships can flourish and community is created

This workshop gives you the tools and confidence to implement your newly learned skills immediately. 

"I would recommend Annie's workshop to anyone who participates in virtual formats.  Even the most confident and accomplished speakers can take something of value away from the program."  Participant: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

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