T   E   S   T   I   M  O  N  I  A  L  S

"Want to know how to capture and keep your audience's attention? Consult with Annie Meisels. She'll teach you ways to use your voice as a tool to effectively and influentially communicate, regardless of your message or your audience."

Emilie Hyams
Counsel: Biden Administration

'Annie's talent and vitality exude from her. She did a fabulous job modeling how to use your voice and emotion to communicate in an effective way especially-when you are trying to jump through a little square on a zoom screen.  Our 21/64 Art of Facilitation participants wanted even more time with Annie!"

Danielle Oristian York,
Executive Director, 21/64


"In preparing for a TV and public speaking engagement, I sought out Annie's expertise in public speaking and presentation. She was extremely helpful and insightful. Her advise and techniques were instrumental in creating a confident and thorough presentation style on camera, and in front of large audiences. Conquering a medium I'm not used to was a challenge, and Annie was a tremendous help. I plan on working with her again!"

Client at Wells Fargo.


I worked with Annie over multiple sessions to prepare for a variety of speaking performances. Short story is, I can't recommend her enough. She has both fundamental, tactical knowledge and experience that she passes on to you, but she also understands the emotional component and helps you reach a level of performance you likely didn't know you had. I can say with confidence that my performances were significantly better because of Annie. 


Ethan Agarwal

Founder & CEO


Annie Meisels' dynamic and highly engaging Zoom workshop (A Powerful Connection in the Virtual Education World) was an energetic start to our faculty orientation week.  She infused her own acting and coaching experience to create a custom learning opportunity for our community, full of interactive activities to stimulate discussion and growth.  Annie encouraged us to connect our emotions to learning concepts and offered powerful tips to increase engagement during presentations and lessons. 

I only wish I had more time with her!

Annette Fallon

Director of Outreach, Jemicy School

Jemicy School.png

"Hey Annie!  I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU!  Yesterday was awesome, and you are awesome!  All of the information and exercises were very helpful.  I look forward to the next session."
Vinnie Randazzo

I am pretty comfortable with public speaking. I love having a microphone in my hand. After taking Annie's Speech/Public Speaking class, I realized how I could be a much more effective communicator - in my daily meetings and my formal presentations. 

The techniques I learned from Annie's class is more nuanced than a standard public speaking class; it is about effectively vocalizing your story and being heard. Further, a main reason why the class is so valuable, is Annie herself; she is a very engaging, energetic and dedicated teacher.
Susmita De
Solutions Principal, 
Slalom Consulting

" Annie is a gem! She coached me on how to improve my video presentation skills for a course I am creating.  You can tell she really knows her stuff.  Annie was great at showing me exactly what I needed to improve in a way that was easy to understand.  I love how she makes complex stuff sound simple. Plus Annie has this magical way of making you feel at ease.  I am able to present now with greater confidence. I know my message will come across clearly to my audience."                                                                

Carolin Serena. CEO:Brave Mama

"Annie Meisels is amazing! She was able to bring out another quality in my range in just one session. She is so clear in breaking down material.  
A wonderful teacher and coach for beginners as well as those already working." 
Joe Sicari, Actor

The last speech I gave, I think was probably very monotone. Now that I've taken Annie's class I understand how I could have easily made it more compelling.

I'm eager to use the techniques she showed me in my future speaking engagements, I'm certain they'll make a big  difference.

Todd Coleman

CTO YieldMo, Inc.

Working with Annie has helped me understand how my delivery will help me stand out in a crowd and ensure that my listeners grasp the key-takeaways of my presentation. The techniques and real-life examples that Annie leveraged in her course, allowed me to see the deficiencies in my current delivery and enabled me to be mindful of my voice and to correct bad habits.

I’ve even started doing the vocal warm-up before presentations!

I highly recommend taking a workshop with Annie for anyone who wants to leave an impression and ensure that their audience walks away with the intended message.

Iana Aranda

Director: ASME

Engineering for Change Programs , American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Before meeting Annie Meisels, A Powerful Voice, I would allow an audience to intimidate me. I could get up and speak but would allow intimidation to kick in when someone asked a question that I wasn’t quite sure how to answer.


I had six sessions with Annie. She taught me how to speak with confidence, control and engage my audience.  She taught me that as a speaker, you are in control.

Now, I speak with confidence and can control my audience.

Alicia Banks:

Manager, Empowered Official

International Trade Compliance


Even though I think of myself as an experienced public speaker,

Annie helped me improve the way I communicate. In each session with her I learned new ways to effectively use my voice and body as tools. These lessons have been invaluable to me and are tools I will continue using. Working with Annie was a great professional investment." 

Like any great coach, you get the undeniable feeling that she is on your team.

Laura Kriska:  

Author and Cross Culture Consultant


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