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"Annie was wonderful, she really nailed modeling throughout the session how all the different facets of tone affect people and the environment.  This was the session that finally brought home the fact that a facilitator can manipulate and influence a meeting with tone."  A Participant in a recent workshop. 

"Want to know how to capture and keep your audience's attention? Consult with Annie Meisels. She'll teach you ways to use your voice as a tool to effectively and influentially communicate, regardless of your message or your audience." 

Emilie Hyams: Deputy Chief of Staff, USCIS


"Annie's talent and vitality exude from her. She did a fabulous job modeling how to use your voice and emotion to communicate in an effective way especially-when you are trying to jump through a little square on a zoom screen.  Our 21/64 Art of Facilitation participants wanted even more time with Annie!"

Danielle Oristian York, Executive Director, 21/64


From the 21/64 workshop

"I would've liked to have had two full hours with Annie working on this. Super interesting and helpful. More time with Annie and the Power of Voice." 

"Annie's presentation on how our bodies impact our voices and High Presence opened my eyes to many things about how I facilitate meetings, trainings, planned events and unplanned.  There is a lot of of substance to these topics that I will be spending a lot of time exploring and practicing with intention." 

 A workshop with Klabinksi Scholar award winning Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital: 


"Highly recommend it! So important to keep our focus on these issues, and it was a fun time as well!"

"Take this workshop and you will feel more energized and excited to present with more confidence and connection." 

"Being a woman in any industry, I found this to be helpful in all areas."

"Found it one of the most useful courses I've had  on communication technique."


Annie is powerful with her presence.  The workshop was clear, interactively fun, and left us with exercises that we can use on a daily basis for preparedness with any type of customer interaction. 

Adia Bodden: Inside Sales Manager. Highmark I Building Efficiency


A workshop with students at University of Baltimore Law school 

"The lessons on framing yourself in zoom, releasing tension and using your voice dramatically are invaluable."

"I would recommend it to everyone, and I would take it again!"  "This was the best program, I loved it."  

'Extremely effective, I would absolutely recommend it."  "Very useful and comprehensive."

"Annie's workshop on virtual communication was eye opening for me and the skills I learned there will absolutely translate to real life situations when the pandemic is over. I loved the interactive aspect of the program and kept writing exclamation points next to the insights I took away. Annie is lively, warm and a terrific, relatable presenter."


Kristine Puopolo: VP, Editorial director, non fiction. Double Day Penguin Random House


Annie Meisels dynamic, high energy workshop was an energetic start to our faculty orientation week.  She infused her own acting and coaching experience to create a custom learning opportunity for our community, full of interactive activities to stimulate discussion and growth. Annie encouraged us to connect our emotions to learning concepts and offered powerful tips to increase engagement during presentations and lessons.  I only wish I had more time with her!"

                                 Annette Fallon: Director of Ourtreach. Jemicy School


Thank you so much, Annie!  It was extremely insightful and made me more aware of what type of listener I am.  Also, the tips on how to grab the attention of my listeners.  I truly appreciated your time today!

                                                     Tifanny Huang, VIP Account Manager. Skillz

"In preparing for a TV and public speaking engagement, I sought out Annie's expertise in public speaking and presentation. She was extremely helpful and insightful. Her advise and techniques were instrumental in creating a confident and thorough presentation style on camera, and in front of large audiences. Conquering a medium I'm not used to was a challenge, and Annie was a tremendous help. I plan on working with her again!"

Client at Wells Fargo


I worked with Annie over multiple sessions to prepare for a variety of speaking performances. Short story is, I can't recommend her enough. She has both fundamental, tactical knowledge and experience that she passes on to you, but she also understands the emotional component and helps you reach a level of performance you likely didn't know you had. I can say with confidence that my performances were significantly better because of Annie.


Ethan Agarwal: Founder & CEO. Aaptiv

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