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Do I need a coach?

How am I going to benefit from working with a coach? Why do I need one? Good questions!

I am an actress, and whenever I get a really good audition (maybe it's for a movie with a big director, or a TV show I really want to be on with actors I LOVE, or maybe it's a fantastic character and I need to nail the audition) the first thing I do is call my coach! Why? What does my coach give me that I can't figure out on my own? PERSPECTIVE! TOOLS! IDEAS and CONFIDENCE! What my coach does is open a door into a whole new world of tools and techniques, different ways of working and much needed insight. Just when I think I have it down, my coach asks me to be more specific. When I have no idea how to tackle something, my coach gives me a clear path. My coach pushes me further than I would push myself, my coach pushes me out of my comfort zone, only to find a new place of comfort, confidence and readiness!

I'm ready for you, whenever you're ready!

"I sought out Annie's expertise in public speaking and presentation. She was extremely helpful and insightful. Her advise and techniques were instrumental in creating a confident and thorough presentation style on camera, and in front of large audiences. Conquering a medium I'm not used to was a challenge, and Annie was a tremendous help. I plan on working with her again!"

Florina Shutin: Senior Vice President - Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors

"I learned from Annie that having a powerful voice is a combination of many things. In addition to teaching me communication and presentation techniques, Annie's coaching gave me much more confidence in all types of communication including one-on-one interviews, presenting to a large audience and even phone conferences."

Stephen Rutenberg: 1st shareholder, Polsinelli

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