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What kind of a listener are you?





Zoned out?

Listening is challenging! There can be endless distractions, and even when there are not, your mind can easily wander. How can you be the listener you wish you had when you are speaking?

  1. Activate your listening

Make you listening physical, if you think 'yes', nod your head.

2. Realize what your tendencies are when listening and adjust.

When you find your focus wandering, be aware of it and adjust. Simply go back to putting your attention on the listener and go to #1: Activate your listening.

3. Remember key points, so you can repeat them back to the speaker

When you pick up on certain key points and repeat them back to the speaker, then ask them to talk more on a certain point, you will have succeeded on making the speaker feel heard and important.

The speaker will think "Not only did they hear me, they want to know more!".

These are great ways to start building trusting relationships. Win over your clients by being an active listener!

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