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How do you know your audience is listening?

Often times I ask my clients what their biggest challenge is in the virtual world. The answer: "how do I know they are listening to me?". Good question! Its' true, in a virtual meeting you are not in the room and you can't feel their energy. So what can you do to help your speaker know that you are being an attentive listener? Physicalize your listening. As a listener, it's your job to be an active listener and not a passive one. Think about it, when you are speaking and someone makes a face, smiles or even nods their head, you have something to react to and you realize they are reacting to you! However, if your listeners are still...they might be listening, but it's hard to know. Help your speaker by physicalize your listening! Encourage your audience not to sensor their reactions. You will have more of an interactive meeting and the experience will be better for both of you!

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