I'm Annie

As an actress and voice over artist for the past 20+

years, I have developed and honed a certain skillset. 

When I realized that these skills were foreign to those

in the business and academic worlds, I started coaching.

As a coach, my goal is to empower my clients, to give

them the tools and techniques they need to master the

art of public speaking whether in person or virtually.  I

want them to know how to stand up in front of an 

audience, or on a screen and feel comfortable and 

confident,  speak with purpose and ease while keeping

 the audience in the palm of their hands. 


A Powerful Voice Workshop

Coaching One on One

  • One on one learning: Confidence, Control and connection. 

  • Learning vocal dynamics, applying them to your speech/presentation.

  • Trouble shooting your specific issues 

  • Getting the benefit of the group, learning from them and the group learning from you.

  • Personalized exercises to tackle your pain points.

  • Understanding your body and voice and figuring out what's holding you back and how to move you forward. 

  • Create a personal performance plan enabling you to improve and succeed. 

  • An introduction to all the tools and techniques you need for the three Cs: Confidence, Control,  and Connection. 

  • Fully participatory. Exercises to match the lessons as we go. 

  • Learn how to influence your audience by making strategic vocal choices and making an emotional connection to your words.

A Powerful Connection in the 

Virtual World

Hands-On Session

  • How to use your emotions, voice and body language to better communicate and impact other

  • How to be more in tune with your own feelings and optimize their. influence on others

  • How to listen more deliberately with interest, empathy and curiosity

  • Learning how to prepare, rehearse and execute differently. (Than you would in person)  

  • How to connect more powerfully despite the physical distance so that relationships can flourish and community can be created.

A Powerful Connection in the Virtual World (mini)

Informational and Interactive session

  • 1/2 hour bootcamp

  • This will introduce you to the key concepts and their applications captured in the bullet points in the 'Hands-On' version.

  • It is interactive as we move swiftly through the learning

Workshops and Coaching

Annie Is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend her!     I learned from Annie that having a powerful voice is a combination of many things including breathing, sentence structuring and the “monologue in your head” before you even enter a room. In addition to teaching me communication and presentation techniques,  Annie's coaching gave me much more confidence in all types of communications including one-on-one interviews, presenting to a large audience and even on phone conferences.”      Stephen Rutenberg. 1st. Shareholder. Polsinelli                                                                 

Start coaching today. Annie@APowerfulVoice.net  917-405-4911

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