I'm Annie

As an actress and voice over artist for the past 20+

years, I have developed and honed a certain skillset. 

When I realized that these skills were foreign to those

in the business and academic worlds, I started coaching.

As a coach, my goal is to empower my clients, to give

them the tools and techniques they need to master the

art of public speaking.  I want them to know how to

stand up in front of an audience, feel comfortable

and confident, and speak with purpose and ease while

keeping the audience in the palm of their hands. 


Group Coaching 

Coaching One on One

  • Personal attention.  

  • Trouble shooting your specific issues 

  • Getting the benefit of the group, learning from them and the group learning from you.

  • Having direct audience feedback (Tremendously helpful). 

  • Learning personalized exercises to help you improve and succeed.

  • Understanding your body and voice and figuring out what's holding you back and how to move you forward. 

  • One hour to one and a half hour sessions, based on your needs. 

  • An introduction to all the tools and techniques you need to become a powerful speaker. 

  • Fully participatory.  

  • 90 minute sessions.  

"Annie was an amazing coach for my TED talk. She understands how challenging it can be for someone who isn't used to this kind of public speaking to start to feel comfortable. She is warm and supportive, with great intuition for just the feedback or suggestion you need. I was really nervous when I started the process, but Annie made it both empowering and fun."

Jessica Bauman  

Start coaching today. Annie@APowerfulVoice.net  917-405-4911

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