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I'm Annie

I have been acting for many, many years in film, on TV and on stage in the theater. Some favorite stage work includes: The Taming of the Shrew, The Diary of Anne Frank, Next Fall and more.  You might have seen me on TV in: Law & Order, Law & Order SVU (twice), Happy, Blue Bloods, and more.  You have most definitely heard my voice or seen my face on countless commercials and voice overs.  I have always wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little girl, and coaching feels like a natural extension for me.  When I am not acting or coaching, I try to play ultimate frisbee and stay active!  I live in New York city with my son.  

Why do I coach?  Good question.  Actors NEED connection.  Connection to your fellow actor, to what your character believes in, or to a product you are trying to sell (commercials and voice overs).  When you have that, you connect to your audience. There's nothing as special as having someone come up to you and tell you how much they felt for you, how you made them understand something in a different way, or when a product you are representing sells!  I like helping others feel that connection too!  When friends in the business and academic worlds asked me to help them with presentations and public speaking, I thought..hmmm, I can do that.  That was 15 years ago.  I am eager to help you! 

"Working in tech can be very difficult for many woman and being a part of this workshop would help encourage them to use these skills."   ~participant at Skillz workshop 

Workshops and Coaching

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  • Session 1:  We assess your strenghts and challenges, evaluating your specific needs for upcoming speaking opportunities.

  • Sessions 2 and 3: Skill building. Practicing different exercises tailored to your needs and applying them.  

  • Session 4: Putting it all into practice.  Clients will present from start to finish and receive additional coaching, and create an individual action plan.

A Powerful Connection Package:
4 sessions
10% discount

A Powerful Voice 
Package of 4 sessions 



  • How to use your emotions, voice and body language to better communicate and impact others.

  • How to be more in tune with your own feelings and optimize their influence on others.

  • How to listen more deliberately with interest, empathy and curiosity.

  • Learning how to prepare, rehearse and execute differently. (Than you would in person)

  • How to connect more powerfully despite the physical distance so relationships can flourish. and community can be created.

A Powerful Connection in the virtual world 

(A hands on workshop)

A Powerful Connection in the Virtual World


A Powerful Voice Workshop

A Powerful Voice Workshop

  • An introduction to all the tools and techniques you need for the three C's: Confidence, Control, and Connection.

  • Fully participatory.  Exercises to match the lessons as we go. 

  • Learn how to influence your audience by making strategic vocal choices and making an emotional connection to your words.

  • Getting the benefit of the group, learning from them and the group learning from you.


  • How to leverage your voice and use vocal dynamics to better communicate and impact students. 

  • Understanding and implementing body language to keep students engaged.

  • Learning tools and techniques, theater and improv games to keep students attentive and focused throughout.

  • How to be more in tune with your own feelings and optimizing your influence as you teach. 

A Powerful Connection in the Virtual 

Education world

A Powerful Connection in the Virtual Education World


  • How to feel confident, in control and connected at work

  • Setting boundaries at work

  • Learning how to deal with those who cross your boundaries

  • How to listen more deliberately with interest, empathy and curiosity.

  • How to connect more powerfully despite the physical distance so relationships can flourish. and community can be created.

A Powerful Connection in the virtual world 

(A hands on workshop)

A Powerful Voice
Setting Boundaries in the Workplace

(positive communication)


  • One on one learning: Confidence, Control and Connection, vocal dynamics and applying then to your speech or presentation. 

  • Trouble shooting your specific issues

  • Personalized exercises to tackle your pain points. 

  • Understanding your body and voice and figuring out what's holding you back and how to move you forward.

  • Creating a personal performance plan enabling you to improve and succeed.

One on One

One on One


"Annie Is a fantastic coach and I highly recommend her!     

I learned from Annie that having a powerful voice is a combination of many things including breathing, sentence structuring and the “monologue in your head” before you even enter a room. In addition to teaching me communication and presentation techniques,  Annie's coaching gave me much more confidence in all types of communications including one-on-one interviews, presenting to a large audience and even on phone conferences.”    

Stephen Rutenberg. 1st. Shareholder. Polsinelli                                                                 

"Annie Meisels dynamic, high energy workshop was an energetic start to our faculty orientation week.  She infused her own acting and coaching experience to create a custom learning opportunity for our community, full of interactive activities to stimulate discussion and growth. Annie encouraged us to connect our emotions to learning concepts and offered powerful tips to increase engagement during presentations and lessons.  I only wish I had more time with her!"

Annette Fallon: Director of Ourtrach.  Jemicy School


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